Like You Jesus

Lord does it bother You? Does it bother You, that my Good Samaritans don’t always walk like You? Talk like You? Look like You?

Does it bother You, that the ones I run to aren’t as holy as You? They don’t frequent church and read Your much as others do?

They can cuss a little..or a lot..have bad habits..and sometimes thoughts..but they try..they want to be more like You..where I really really is most like You.

For oh they love like You!! Invite me in like You. Come into my world like You..even though it’s ugly, broken, desolate..and there’s not much to give back to You..

They invite me in to dine like take of Your bread(feed me) and wine (quench me)… listen to my You. They accept me just as I You. Give me their You.

They don’t run and hide..when my worst is alive..They tell me they know me…and they see me for who You made me to be…and it’s the most freeing thing to the presence of see…

It makes me feel want to keep coming back..I can take off the isn’t a trap…I can let go and be…just who I am…and I am… still invited..still wanted..still considered..something…

Lord sometimes I just don’t understand it…Subversion

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