Visions of Jesus ❤ He speaks.

I was reading a morning devotional and it was about believing God’s love for us. Trusting it. Receiving it. How our personal ideas and views of God are central to our lives…how we live and feel about ourselves and the world around us.

The devotional instructed me to ask God to give me a song or picture. A message of how I should see Him. So, I did..

And a song came to mind! It was the song, “He Saw The Best in Me”, by Marvin Sapp.

And a picture came to mind! It was me and Jesus dancing. I was in a wedding dress and we were dancing to that same if we were at our wedding reception. And He also was putting a ring on my finger.

I was smiling, confident and happy. Looking up at Him, and Him back at me. 😭😭

This image really speaks volumes to me. It speaks to my deepest longings, fears, hopes, and so many ways. And only this would work, because words aren’t always adequate!

It made me feel loved, wanted, happy, safe and secure.. hopeful for the future.

One thing I need to know more than anything, that will then pour down like oil to anoint what still also needs my image of God. And to also know His view of me.

This was a good start. To… 🎶🎤Don’t stop believing!!🎶 😀😁.

Ask..and listen friends. Receive.

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