The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Oh how we take pride in ourselves! Our understanding, our wisdom, our achievements, our advancements..our own precepts…our own, our own, our very own ways of “knowing.”

The I am, we are; compared to them, they, he and she. The pride in separation!!

The lies of..better than. The arrogance in the blame..the..this is dare they pretend, mimic, or be a critic…it came from me!!!

My nation, my culture, my heritage, my religion, my land, my race, my age, my ethnicity, sex, creed, success…..I am better than..I know all beginnings…and I am the end..

Me, my, I, mine. Better than..the other. I know it all, own all truth, am comparison to you..didn’t you know…long ago?

I matter, I care, I..I..I…am right and can’t be wrong!

Oh the tree! That good old fruit that made us be… such critics. That made us deny our own guilt…hide our own nakedness..shame… hide away….

That made us accusers…victims…the abused by YOU!

That made us know better.. right over wrong..that made us the answer…belief that we had the answer.

That gave us this ego to feed…us VS thee

Rational, critical, skeptical, doubting, denying, proud..thinkers…

Favoring highly oursleves, dispising the outsider..not seeing the depravity found deep within..beneath my own skin

Debating in the temple.

Shouting in the square.

Comparing notes

Time invested in lectures, dogmas, doctrines, beliefs..opinionated..fascinated..absorbed…”intellectualism.”

Divisions and schisms

Blinded..they are wrong, evil, hell-bound, unbelieving..heathenism!

Seeing, I am right, holy, heaven-sent, believing…chosen!

So we say…

Where have you gone, good ol’ simple wisdom!?

Jesus’ parable wins…global mission?

One tribe, tongue, and nation….we can’t handle it…egocentric..full of it.

Where are you now, child like faith….humble, meek, justice hungry, spirit filled visions..?

Oh self-interest!!!

I ate..forbidden I choose to from you…light and truth… way…I say…

God given truth..or foolish roots…rotten, sour fruit?

Indulging in the wisdom of men…sin sin sin…….

Come dine with me.on my own mentality…I see..I see..come be with me….I’m in I’m in! Exclusivity..all reality has been made known to me!!

Taste and see…fruit of this tree! It.makes you wise…makes me. Rational beings…knowledge..of whats good..what’s evil…now I see….I see..I see..says me!!

… And so says the host of humanity….

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