High Times. Unconscious Rhyming

Can I lose my mind for some time?

What if I lost all self-control for a bit?

What would you think of ya chic?

If I decided to get real legit..100..per cent..I don’t think they ready for this

See they ain’t neva considered this kind of sublime…it’s so unlike…all they’ve ever witnessed..

Lost minds..

They can’t handle the depths..

They can’t navigate the vibes..

Can’t breathe this air..this high

Real life…

For no one likes to hear….When souls cry

To much pride..to refine

So they just deny all thats inside

Fabrication is what makes up their hit-list

Genuine is not recommended..

But 100 is nothing but stunting..and they swollen pregnant with illegitimate shit

Would you whisper to them..that I’m losing it?

If I got it all off my chest and released it?

Would you be jealous of my ability to exploit my own creativity? Made a mockery of all that’s been haunting me?

Or go off taunting me…

But shhh please..be at peace and allow me to explode and free the beast…




A mess

Fucking sobbin

My heads a bobbin….to a rhythm unhindered by thoughtless progress…

My comprehension..is unconscious..

I don’t get it…I’ve lost it..

But flow..so so solid

Get off it

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