My God

If there is one thing I can say with full conscience confidence..

Is that I have saught You diligently.

Like the Hound Of Heaven in my own sense..I’ve been in pursuit of You..

I have been discouraged, but never forsaken.

I’ve been mistaken, but You never have left me.

I may have been blinded, but You yet promise to give sight back to me..

Help my unbelief..

Yet it’s You, I consistently, constantly, whether semi-conscience, conscience, or sub-consciously…I have not stopped searching for

Groping for in the dark..

Hungry for You..

Even my anger toward You being a way of expressing my passion for You..

I’ve doubted many things, many people, many sayings..myself too

But if there is anythjng I can say is truth..

Lord, My God..I know with all my heart, I’ve saught diligently after You.

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