Weeping at Jesus’s Table

I am having images of me and Jesus at His table again. In the home. (See previous posts about Jesus and I at His table).

We are in our typical seats. I have myself pulled up to the table and my left ear pressed against it. My arms are down in my lap.

And I am silent, just weeping. No words, no thoughts. A symbol possibly of my heart and mind exhausted by trying to describe and define it.





My struggles

My pain

My past and present.. My outlook on the future

All of it

I just weep. Eyes open. Tears flowing.

Unblinking..no movement.

No concern with how this may look.

Done with impressing…this is my reality.

I just let it out in this way..there at His table.

A messy river, steady silent cry…

Knowing He knows and no words need be said.

No thoughts need be thought.

No explanations of my misery or questioning my wrestling…

I can be…He gets me.

This was much needed. Freedom with Jesus.

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