“Whatever the field of physical or moral sciences you deal with, you will be given no rest by the mass of things to be learnt or investigated. And to enable matters of this range and scale to find unrestricted hospitality in our minds, everything superfluous must be turned out. Virtue(for example), will not bring herself to enter the limited space we offer her; something of great size requires plenty of room. Let everything else be evicted, and your heart completely opened to her.” ~Seneca

* I have not opened this book to read it in quite a while, so I found it encouraging to have it witness in a sense to my thoughts I posted right before this.😊

OAN: One thing I’ve noticed that has changed somewhat lately, is how I sense God speaking to me. Usually it has been through repetition. The same idea or thought coming really close together, through different sources( songs, ppl, books, podcasts..whatever); multiple times in a row. But lately, as I have been practicing silence and making myself”available to hear Him”, the idea or subject comes from within me first, to the point that I notice it; and then later it is repeated through outside sources. So before it was all typically outside sources, and I noticed the common theme, which was what got my attention. Now, it begins within (God’s Spirit I choose to assume), and then it is confirmed by outward sources.

Really cool stuff! Try it! I know silence and awareness has been a big key for me. Cutting out all noise or distractions as much as possible. And just BEing present.

It’s hard to hear a still, small voice, when you have too much going on in and around you. But even when you are busy and can’t get alone alone, simply cutting off the T.V., radio, phone, etc and continuing your day like that makes a huge difference.

Even in small trivial matters He is there to guide us. The thing is stopping to simply consider Him and listen.

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