The Right Thing is….

All that we need to do, is the RIGHT thing. Not fight to avoid the sinful things, and adhere to all the religious ones. But, quite oneself and be willing to ask what the right thing is, in any given circumstance, situation, or season.

All have been given an answer. Our inner voice/soul/connection to God. It has just been ignored, stifled, muted, avoided, and spoken-over, by all the other ramblings going on in the world…

Wisdom stands at the gates..

We all have a nature that inherently speaks to us, leads us, warns us, and most of all…fulfils and breathes life into us….

We don’t need to struggle over what is right and wrong, where to go, what to do, who to follow, what to let go, and what to keep.

We dont need to circle for 40 years on a deserted path, looking for water in all the wrong places..

We just need to shut up and listen…..

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