I’m honestly really tired. I am ready.

I don’t want to be living this anymore.

Constant ache, constant pain.

I can’t keep up. I finally feel bold enough to be OK with the thought of non-existence.

Esp when the whole of one’s existence has been more torment of mind and emotions inside than anything else.

People say its a selfish thing…

I can see where one is coming from, but I also think it is selfish to insist another keep on keeping on in miserable existence.

You don’t know the turmoil of madmen.

It’s not always a life worth living….it really isn’t.

It’s like being a prisoner of war or something, always tormented..always internally and externally interrogated.

Never ending

Miserable existence..

And it’s not that you don’t love your kids, or your family or friends.

It’s just that you can’t live like this…

No one should be forced to live like this

And you can’t say one didn’t try to fix resist it

If they are still here, they are trying

Sometimes you just get very very very very very very very very very very tired of that trying and continually fighting.

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