Am I exposing to many truths, like ego self abuse?

Or is this what really is 100 proof?

I’ve found there is release in mentioning all my many many tragedies..even if many are actually quite stigmatizing and possibly embarrassing 💁🏻🙈

But shit, it is what is, and this is my fucking reality.

At times it’s hard to breathe, mentally

My thoughts ping ping.. pinball machine

I’m a think- aholic

Which just might be more toxic than any mixture of concocted tonic

Writing.. super sonic

That’s one good gift that comes from all this other shit

It comes so naturally, through it I live

The pen my friend

She sits there and listens witness

She transcribes my mind one line at a time and she helps me revisit

All the shit I should and shouldn’t say.. and she is there to help fix it

She don’t judge, she gets it.

Life long loyal chic..she likes the attention.

She understands my vibe and how I rhyme, my perfect assistant

I’m on a tangent, it’s normal ain’t nothing that different

I will get through this

Dark nights are something I often have had to go visit

I’ve always got through them, I’ve always been eventually lifted

Keep on keep on keep on sister

There I go, I did it

Let my words expose my all… bare my soul… torn and raw

Stare and gawk

See it all

See me strive and watch me fall

This is it

This is it

I got to work with

What this is, what this is, what this is

It is what it,

MF is

No shit

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