Wondering Aloud

I’ve had my fists raised towards the heavens and I’ve been cursing at them lately.

Like Job, I am prone to question the goodness and kindness of a God who allows so much carnage.

As I pondered this the other night, the story of God giving men dominion over the whole earth came to mind. How He told mankind to have control. To take over. A gift! Ours to possess.

He gave us the very power, dominion, ownership and desire for conquest that humans have always been after. What we.. are still…after. Even bloodthirsty like, in order to subdue our piece of it…if not all of it.

Anywho, I write this because we blame everything but our very selves for the wreckage. And not just on an individual scale. Though it is also personal. But, a human scale. We don’t see our human natures or choices as a collective problem.

Our lusts and desires and inabilities to handle them, are what have destroyed us and the world “given” to us long ago. It has been human minds and hands …this is what can be quite dangerous and evil: Our very hearts left unchecked.

We are the carnage, the wreckage and cause of trauma. Our choices for evil. Our unyielding desire to rule and reign. Our way. Greed, money, power and fame.

It makes us hostile, and scream in vain.

Humankind, unaware we are the problem.

Because, who could handle being last?

Which one of us would dare lay down our pride and bow down to our enemies? We must fight and conquer!!

How hard it is, to assume the position of a crucified King?

Though He said that, “this is the way towards your peace.”

Yet, just like Jerusalem. we don’t see, we don’t see……we want a sword, we wage war, and we blame God for a hell we alone bring.

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