Clinical Depression

Depression is not your ordinary melancholy sadness.

It is far more long lasting. Far more debilitating and far more painful than a mood or attitude problem.

It steals lives. And the lives of those connected to its oppressed.

It is much deeper. It is profound sorrow.

People don’t understand why many would choose death over life.

Some try to compare their experiences of pain and times of hurt, with one who does battle horribly, daily, with the extremes of depression. The advice, the answers. All that they do, how they overcome.

It is NOT the same feeling. It is not that simple.

It takes a very different type of internal torture to get anyone to even dabble with the idea of seeking refuge in the land of the dead.

It is not something to take lightly. As a common thing. It is not normal. And you would not tell anyone with horrible physical ailments to go pick themselves up; like many do those with unseen ones.

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