Advocating for your own mental health in a world of stigma and misunderstanding can be tiring, taxing, and seem so pointless at times.

Don’t give up. Keep fighting. People will have their many opinions and ideas.

Some will give up fighting for you and beside you. It’s OK. They don’t get it. If they can’t handle the chaos of knowing you in your most perplexing times; if being there with you through it is too much too handle….they could never imagine the chaos within that you experience.

This is your normal. They don’t get it.

It does not mean you chose this. You did not ask for these struggles to trouble you since adolesnce.

Out of your hands.

Let them blame your sin, let them point and determine the reasons behind your poor decisions and ailments.

Let me remind you oh stigmatized, throughout history and time, even in Biblical giants lives you find..this thread of tragedy, rejection, an outcast, a madman. People being called this or that because they were different from the norm.



Isolatated, but for bigger purposes.

Where and when only God can get through to him.

Those that did not act accordingly to what was expected by holy and political men, have always been targeted.

Assumed to be unfit and ill equipped.

Not lawabiding laymen and citizens.





Wondering in deserts in a spiritual sense…looking for a God who transcends the minds and the visions created by simple men.

And not to say you are the perfect confidant, better than, or something prolific..

But just to remind you that most good men, seeking truth from without and within…tend to go through many perils from both external and internal elements

There’s nothing normal or smooth about the undoing of men when it comes to what makes one other than….

It’s a lonely pilgrimage..but something is happening….be confident in the processes…


Born again.

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