I See God

I see The Creator, God, as looking a lot more like Jesus than we’ve made “him” out to be.

A lot more, in that he is not as interested in how people are made whole, as long as they are made whole.

Not as consumed with the loop holes and right sayings and thinking (man made concoctions), as He is with the man himself. The man being made freed from his oppressions, pains, personal slavery. Whatever they may be.

Like he shown us in the gospels, He will use spit in the eyes, only a word, an instruction, a lesson, anything.

He heals on the Sabbath, though the Sabbath(rest) is good for man.

He is not as interested it the laws and the monopolies on who has better access to God, as He is people knowing they already have access to Him.

There is no building or sacrifice to turn to.

Only God Himself.

The table is set and the door is open.

All are chosen.

You just have to change your mind and see it. See Him. Here now, in everything. Your ups and downs, cave moments and rage moments. You’re mountain tops and valleys, it moments of hope and also chaotic hopelessness.

He is. And He is.

The veil is torn and all are welcome in His presence. The uglier the better, esp if one knows it.

Egotism is what has to be lost…mans right to self. Ideals, dogmas, interests…essence of what is self crucifixion.

It is realizing ones humanity and brokenness…not trying to overcome it or mask it.

Oh, how well, we all are at masking it!! Even believing we have mastered it. Hidden deep beneath, societies constructs to keep us all looking up(not in). Are you really intrinsically and morally different from the rest of those rushing to be enough?

Or are you just as blinded in the mind sense, to not even know that you have not even experienced Him?

It’s understanding the next mans humanity and brokenness..and not choosing whether he is worthy or not..this is Christ in us.

It is not specific to one tribe, tongue or nation…transencdence. Real God stuff.

Jesus said, you see a man in need you feed him, you relieve him.

See a man in need and you choose to leave him in his chains, hungry, imprisoned.

This is heaven and hell stuff, not all that we believe in (doctrines and theories). It’s deeper than!!!

We like carnal men, must take ownership of all if it. God, land, power, boarders…heaven sent. We have the answer…ask yourself? Don’t you know better then..the rest of men?

This is the broad gate!!! You mindful many many many men.

You all have the same intents, but it don’t even register within…you’re all alike…human men.

Love wins, love wins, love wins.

He came to show us the way of peace, the narrow gate..and we choose to make it mean our own things…

Condemning the next man for his mortal sins, while we too are lost blindly in them…maybe even deeper…deeper..then…brainwashed to think like many many many men.

Words and pen

Written scripts

Or Spirit filled

Deeper in.

God He lives.

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