Unlike Jesus, we are usually much more concerned with how people get “saved”, than if they get there…

We are much more dedicated to gaining the wisdom and experience of becoming the healers and elders, than we are dedicated to those in need of healing and leaders.

We want a specific formula, enough prayer and fasting, enough knowledge of how to get close…a method, our own sacrifice.

We want to hold the key. And anyone else always seems has the wrong one. Or, it’s not as accurate as ours.

It is not enough for Jesus to heal with sometimes spit and mud, sometimes only a word, and at times just a touch.

He can’t be a personal Jesus to us…and to the other.

There must be a reason behind the tower falling, for the blindness in men, for the sin…they must have done something…they are fallen within..

No forgiveness, no Jesus for them!!!

Our God, our methods, our written words by the many pens of many men!

It can’t be the sobbing prostitute at His feet that gets to see deeper within. That gets such intimate closeness and never one like her, not like them!

It can’t be the theif at His side, dying beside..a life of crime that simply slips in by the hair on is skin…

It can’t be wavering Peter, certain and yet unsure. Once denying, than proclaiming..that gets sainthood, not one like him!!! Confused, down and up, back and forth…Peter a rock?

It can’t be a city like Nenivahi, how horrid, how heathen..they are doomed for destruction, unworthy of repentance.

It’s never us, it’s always them. We are the closest to God and His holy throne, and we defend it till the end. Our little verses, that keep us so certain.

We don’t see, we’re all alike..simple minded..earthy minded….thinking like earthly kings and pagan men….we have our own idols…and they are deep deep deep within.

End of self…is how you see heaven..and see others…through loving lens….how you enter in…

No more pursuit of power, prestige, and property.

Deluded earthly men.

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