Something running across my soul a lot lately is the idea of showing grace toward the other, the “enemy” of my ego and pride in particular and more “judgment” towards myself.

Not judgment as we might be use to understanding it; but rather just looking at myself, and honestly working soley on myself. In thought and deed. Not the other and his/ her moral delinquencies.

I need reformation.

We will be wise to know and remember that everyone is a victim of their upbringing. And then the experiences and circumstances that led us up to the present moment, likewise have created us. Very significantly at that.

We all have real blinders, and particularly to our own need for more and more transformation.

We are all victims. No one asked to be born in a certain time, place, region; or within a certain culture, Nation, or group.

The programming begins at birth. And continues until we become aware it is happening. And even then, I don’t think we can escape or undo it all.

Not that it is all bad, not that it is all wrong. But, it can be.

We don’t realise we are not really the ones in control. Our mind and programming is essentially. And I am beginning to wonder if a goal for us in a spiritual framework, is to transcend that?

Now we can’t let the word transcend create conflict in some of us. We have to know it is just a word, and it might in its essence mean something wholly different from the lens we define it with.

We must go beyond, rethink, overcome, evolve, rise above, repent of our programmed minds. Our thinking.

We have to be honest and humble and admit that the other we don’t agree with or in some scenarios consider a worthy hunan being compared to us, is also a puppet of his own upbringing and hard wiring.

We are all in need of a more deeper freedom than our politics, religious dogmas, certainties, educations, Nations, tribes, cultures, Kings, princes, dominions, boarders and leaders can provide.

I have to awaken to the fact, that “they” also are sincere and believe they are honestly living their truths.

And I have still many false truths I advocate for to unravel. To come to the light. That I yet not do see as unholy.

As deranged, inhumane, and different they may be; the enemy to our whatver it be, are also bound. Chained down to all that has been shown and taught to them.

And we believe it usually our entire lives, from generation to the next the same cycles families, countries, classes, groups.

The mindset, the behavioral patterns…the lifestyles. Typically all move in the same trajectories…

Until the cycle is broken, sometimes by one or maybe more. It could take generations to undo certain deep seated hates and mentalities. To see things for what they are.

On all levels and spectrums, from the racist to the religious…we are prisoners to our minds. It does not mean they should be compared, but to show they are all instilled rather than chosen intentionally. Planted, water, and fed by many things.

And yes justice must prevail. And the horrors of all that comes against equality and love we must continue to fight for and stand up against.

But I also think freedom is truly found , as hard as it may be, in the great paradoxes of life…and here that being love conquering evil and hate.

And as Jesus said, dying to yourself is how that is found. Dying to Ego, selfishness, pride, whatever you call it in your programming lol lbs!!!

The anger, the hate, the disdain, one sided views of..

We, just like our enemy, believe our answer is best..our way..our belief..the way we see it. We like them, refuse to see it any other way. Our self..won’t let go.

We want the power, the say so, the rights. We want the microphone. The voice the land.

It may not come across or manifest the same, but the same damn seed of anti-love is very often times just as alive and well in it is in the ones we hate.

We have to find some sort of mercy and grace as hard as it may be.

We must get back to that place and see others from that place too. That place before we were programmed…

And we shall become like little children again.

Before all that the world had to inform them with, inform us, myself with, went to work in us.

We have to get out of our heads (repentance), and into our heart( beyond the programming).

See people as souls, imprisoned, such as us, to the worlds systems and ways of seeing it.

We have to see WE are imprisoned.

We are all agents( promoting our own system) and victims blinded to our chains and prisons.

We all need redemption.

Starts with us…measure measure, judge judge. We have enough in us that needs hacked..cough coughed up.

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