Do many of us, if not the majority in our culture, resist the next cycles of life?

Does the way we hold so tightly to youth, beauty, being desired, being relevant..speak of our spiritual deprivation?

Is it misunderstanding of what it all represents and symbolizes? Death, rebirth, karma, resurrection.

We want to stay in the youthful cycle outwardly, thus we end up usually inwardly.

If we are indeed spirits, in human bodies, how much are we depriving ourselves of the real freedoms we need, by being unwilling to move out of our childlike and youthful cycles?

Those being the cycles of fearing aging, fearing being unseen and unheard. Fearing no longer being relevant, the main event. Not letting go, and going through these natural cycles….

We bring ourselves much loss. Loss of life, real experience of what it should be about and real depth and meaning..by not dying to our youthful ideals and fears.

We want to stay where we are meant to leave.

By clinging to all that we are told make us..here on earth. We stay trapped in cycles within and without, and have not learned the lessons meant to be learned. We have stayed behind..when we have been called out and forth, from the graves we think we must to remain in.

We have been sold a lie. And we are staying in a cycle, in a childlike place…when we were called for much more…much much much more, even here on Earth.

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