Pondering The Mark

I don’t feed into the worry about what exactly the “mark of the beast” is anymore now a days.

We really have lost our ability to think beyond the material world and in a transcendent, spiritual, symbolic sense.

We don’t even look back far enough to see how young and immature the idea of Biblical literalism really is.

We’re so busy searching for the best, as I have been so apt to do, that we smother any light…

How we’ve made God into a trickster, when it comes to what might be this and that.

One must have the exact “knowledge”, understanding, interpretation, verbiage and all that man minded nonsense to “escape from the wrath to come.”

And the vaccine just might be it!

I’m sorry, but God does not operate in fear. This mark of the beast crap is most likely, a way more deeper thing than we’ve materialized it to be.

It will most definitely be more of a attribute or attitude I would assume, than some physical choice. It will go beyond physical meaning and be more spiritual.

This stuff was never intended here to be so literal.

If we must make it something literal or related to physical things , it will be found on an even bigger and broader human scale than a vaccine. It will be more prolong.



Our minds used, hands used. Brainwashed.

In our hands, minds. How we think, see, how we buy đŸ‘€.

Causing confusion. Delusions. Abuse and division. On a broad ass scale.

We will all be equally able to be manipulated by it.

It will shape the way we live and reorient our lives. It won’t be so blatant.

And just maybe the hell and heaven and all the stuff we fear from the mark of the beast, is here already. Doing its wrath..just like heaven is here, when we are aware and allow it to do its work through us and in us.

But again, I think it’s more a spiritual, deeper resonating truth or principle all men must accept or deny; not something so obvious.

But, it would be phones and screens and all that, before some silly liquid vaccine guys.

Just my pondering though, what the hell do I know? Lol đŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Pondering The Mark

    1. I think I tend to go to these more fringe subjects is because the first church I belonged to believed like this. Everything was to be feared. I find myself still in a subconscious fight against it maybe? It was a real fear based faith. Any tattoos I had could be the end for me, piercings o would get, makeup, music. A lot of shit sent you right to hell and the Mark of the Beast was in everything now it seems Haha. Like had to make sure certain things weren’t from other countries or people’s houses in your home because it could bring evil in. Lots of stuff.

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