You’re much more a better friend, than they told me you were.

You’re much more a bigger confidant, than I thought before.

Unholy they told me, religious feigning to be you’re only resting place.

You like what’s broken though you told me, while you rocked me while you hold me.

You get the conflict within me, as you soothe me, as you move me.

I dont have to be like they tell me. You’re for the imperfect, the wretched, the hurting.

You appreciate the earnest, whether it’s fumbling and even in much mumbling. You see beyond such surface.

See within, legitimate.

Beyond words expressed, false sentiments and projections formed to keep us written in other mens ego trips.

You don’t mind the ugly when we want it dissipated, when we hunger for it to die like any other deadly thing that fights against us.

No fronting..religous jargon…words said to keep us up to something.

We must see He is OK with our struggle, He knows the trouble..He is gentle, patient, He is humble.

You find peace in Him, WHEN you come as your are…wide open. Being honest with your darkness…yet knowing what needs conquered and being willing to see that…



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