American Anxiety

Me just putting my thoughts on paper.


We were surrounded by stimulants.

Noises all around. Screens. Information. Advertisements. Voices.

I wonder if we are biologically able to handle this and remain stress free?

Or are we unconsciously trying to keep up, gather, process so much shit that we are harming ourselves?

What kind of state or environment have we created for ourselves. And is it natural(wholesome, healthy)?

Or could it be contributing to the madness, within and without?

Maybe on different degrees for individuals; but I don’t think we as physical, emotional, and thinking beings were created for such fast paced, high energised stimulating shit.

Even when we are resting physically, we are busy in mind. Go go go. Process, process, process.

Even when we don’t do it knowingly, our minds are still at work…effecting other parts of us…emotionally, mentally, and so forth.

I’ve created an environment perfect for nourishing anxiety.

Both with caffeine, T.V., social media and screens. Hours on end.

Nothing natural about it.

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