Heaven or Hell

There comes a point, or multiple points in ones life; where we must decide if we want heaven or hell.

And not in the traditional sense.

But, the deeper, possibly truest since.

In the now.

You know, here on earth.

We surely choose our own heavens and hells.

Every seed does produce after it’s own kind. It’s an intrinsic truth.

In word, thought, and deed.



Choices we make.

Energy we feed, consume and create.

And I believe God is there patiently with us through our choices, both good and bad. Ready to listen, give us direction, guide and bless us, reprimand us when we are willing to listen.

And he’s much gentler and more merciful than we’ve been told. Heaven and hell are not something to fear necessarily..but learn from.

We can choose from…

Bringing heaven to earth or hell?

Feeding our minds and lives with what could bring either, or. A little of both?

We can choose to be which vessel. The wooden or the brass. The one determined for purging of anything that might not be like Him…heaven like. Love like. Set aside for holier puposes..sacrifices.

Or the vessel still interested in dipping into certain things that aren’t the best for our spiritual interests…thus mental..emotional..we know they say it’s all connected.

I don’t think He judges us harshly. He forgives and gets it, scandalously gracious. Our Father. Such patience.

No matter what, He’s always there still listening. We are the ones ashamed and hiding from His transforming presence.

We know no shame until another human instills it in us…

He shows us what is good to eat. What to think, which air to breathe.

He allows us like all children to learn from our choices, our lifestyles, our pursuits, hungers and investments..sometimes they’ll fail us in order to show…they are not what we need…we must sit and reflect on

Or choose to still meddle…in all that is hellish..not in a fear sense…

But for a deeper..healing…a better word for repentance.

We create our heavens and hells.

We are measured with what measurements we measure and by what standards and criteria we place upon the other.

We can make it better….heal the land or choose to fight with pride and never surrender.

Look to your God, follow by example.

Vessel of honor…

Vessel of wrath.


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