Just thinking( draft)

I wonder if there are still any significant lessons to be found when it comes to the Jews(supposed chosen image bearers of God) not accepting a crucified Messiah, The Temple being destroyed, and God sending the Good News out to the Gentiles?

God giving His promise that was meant for the Jews, to the ones they thought were alienated from Him?

This would have been something that had to have put a bad taste in the religious elites mouths:

Taking it from us!? And giving it to them!? What!? And giving it away so freely at that??!!!!

Don’t we at times feel that nature too? Or is it me 😬?

Consider the monopolies we still see people having on God, His temple, and methods of salvation.

We erect over and over again our temples, make a lot out of them, and then say those on the outside have to come inside(be indoctrinated, saved this way and that) in order to belong. In order to know God. In order for the Good News to come.

We own the road to Heaven.

Are WE the gnostics searching for knowledge? Caught up in doctrine while people are starving?

It’s something I’ve thought of.

Is Jesus still trying to tear down these temples and systems and pour out His Spirit on ALL flesh?

Yes, I’m guessing!!

Why don’t we let Him pour out His Spirit on all flesh?

Why do we put a leash on God, what are we in it for, who’s best interests?

And are we, once again, or as always, trying to control Him? Rejecting the idea of a servant King, crucified by empire and religious creeps who couldn’t get over a God who dies on trees and bleeds for all of humanity?

Why do we insist we alone hold salvation in our hands? Is this the narrow gate or the pride of man?

It seems a wicked thing that resides within all men, to want to be on top. To possess the land. To lay claim to things we did not create. We fear losing our peace of the pie. And we want more, we won’t stop there we must, absolutely must dominate.

Yes, God forbid it be given away! We all own it though don’t we!? Fighting like babies not seeing the carnage.

Sin in our pockets while lighting off rockets.

Million dollar robots in space, while people are starving.

Are the “Gentiles” encountering God out here in the real world like He said they would while we hide away in dogma?

Do we really have renewed conciousnes? Or are we puppets like the rest of’ em?

We our territorial and proud.

Arrogant and possessive.

People outside are hungry and questioning. Real life lessons and hardships. We all have them I get it, but there is something different hidden under the lies of oppression…no matter how many reasons we give to justify it.

It’s an eternal thread, an immortal web….

Love is the answer and people are the quest.

Of all that we call holy…

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