Just thinking of my situation and how to see it to help the next generations coming.

I sit here at almost 37, wishing I had a father to talk to. Crying over it like I lost something.

I put fragments together of the father figures I’ve had throughout my and imagine how they would guide me now?

What wisdom they would give? What tone of voice they would have, what direction or grace would they offer at this moment?

That’s all I have; father figure wise.

Fragments and pieces of the good I’ve found and witnessed in those throughout my life that have spoken for what a Christ like father is; thus God should be like.

My grandparents were all gone by the time I was 6. 2 already before I was born.

I long for wise words of wisdom and direction from others. Those positive and hopeful, something I don’t remember growing up knowing.

Many people do, need and long for this. Sometimes only subconsciously.

I always longed for a stable(mentally/emotionally. Not influenced and dependent on substance abuse) person I could rely on. It is essential to all of us.

I truly believe if our society, leaders, and specifically those claiming to be laborers for Christ would each find that child or youth that is lacking these essential people…and they stuck by them through and through…we’d see our streets transformed.

It would take time.

But time, love and dedication are healers.


Can’t leave these kids to look for meaning alone. They don’t know what to look for yet.

Can’t wait till their minds are already taught by the world and guided by the instability and unpredictability around them…

Someone has to be their safe place and stay there.

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