Get out of your head

and into Your Heart. For so long I’ve been taught that I couldn’t trust my heart. That it was a dangerous thing. So I was taught to listen to what was understood. Man’s opinions and descriptions. Teachings and traditions. Knowdlege of…others commentary and prescriptions…of what was “true religion.” Only a few verses and lines to … Continue reading Get out of your head


Our discernment should be on what's right or wrong. Just or unjust. Merciful or merciless. Loving or hateful. Life Giving or Destructive. Selfless or Selfish. Humble or Prideful. Truthful or Misinterpreted. Intentional or Mistaken. Holy or Unholy. In whose best interest? Heaven on Earth or some other wickedness? Not some mind twisting, encrypted, one million … Continue reading Discernment

Just thinking of my situation and how to see it to help the next generations coming.

I sit here at almost 37, wishing I had a father to talk to. Crying over it like I lost something. I put fragments together of the father figures I've had throughout my and imagine how they would guide me now? What wisdom they would give? What tone of voice they would have, what direction … Continue reading Just thinking of my situation and how to see it to help the next generations coming.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger lol

Don't be assured that every message is palatable like sugar and spice. For many times it's conflicting, it gets to ain't always "right"(in feeling). But like earthen, imperfect vessels, that crack, leak, that need set right.. They may show forth their frame..from dust from clay..mud ..washed away. God breathes spirit..this part is life. Listen … Continue reading Don’t Shoot the Messenger lol

Context and Reality

"Any interpretation of a biblical text that would not have made any sense to the author of the text and to his original, intended audience should be roundly rejected,” he stated.(YEEEEESSSS clears throat)   According to Harlow, the mark of the beast is a symbol of the Roman empire’s oppressive political, social and religious system. The … Continue reading Context and Reality


Do many of us, if not the majority in our culture, resist the next cycles of life? Does the way we hold so tightly to youth, beauty, being desired, being relevant..speak of our spiritual deprivation? Is it misunderstanding of what it all represents and symbolizes? Death, rebirth, karma, resurrection. We want to stay in the … Continue reading Pondering/Karma/symbolism/Rebirth

Watch “Neural basis for symptoms of emotion dysregulation in people with BPD” on YouTube

This makes me want to cry!! Lol, remember emotional dysregulation. But, just thinking of how I've always been told to control myself, or considered to be too much, wanting attention. I've always sort of wrestled inside, because many have said things concerning my behavior or actions, or assumed things about them... and I've always felt … Continue reading Watch “Neural basis for symptoms of emotion dysregulation in people with BPD” on YouTube

The Shadow

"The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge." ~ Carl Jung

Abortion and Kingdom People, excerpt by Greg Boyd.

The Uniquely Kingdom Approach to Abortion The unique Kingdom approach to abortion doesn’t focus on figuring out the “right” political solution, getting “the right” candidates into office or getting the “right” bills passed. As with everything else about the Kingdom, it rather focuses on manifesting the self-sacrificial love of God towards women with unwanted pregnancies … Continue reading Abortion and Kingdom People, excerpt by Greg Boyd.